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The following commentary and market letters below will provide you with more details on our macroeconomic view toward investing.


The commentary letters address Federal Reserve monetary and fiscal policy, secular trends, demographic shifts in America, the emergence of the China and India, as well as additional writings regarding current events. We often send market letters when conditions become stressed or appear to be digesting information that could transition into a new rally or decline phase.

aug. 30, 2010

“Our Rationale...Still Overtly Bearish”

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aug. 24, 2010

“Staying the Course, Overtly Bearish...”

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jan. 28, 2010

“Still Overtly Bearish”

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Nov. 19, 2009

“Once Again, Overtly Bearish”

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nov. 25, 2008

“No Longer Overtly Bearish”

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Nov. 14, 2008

“Call to Action #2”

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mar. 28, 2008

“Don’t Fight the Fed”

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jan. 11, 2008

“Call to Action”

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sep. 5, 2007

“Taking Away the Punchbowl”

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aug. 2, 2007

“Follow-up to Final Burst of Strength”

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mar. 28, 2007

“Final Burst of Strength”

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jun. 21, 2006

“18-year Commodity Cycle”

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Nov. 28, 2005

“To Know and not to Act, is not to Know”

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Oct. 25, 2005

“Oil and Gas Update”

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jul. 30, 2004

“The Early Bird Gets the Worm?”

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jun. 18, 2004

“Price Risk Issues Regarding Natural Gas Investing”

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dec. 9, 2002

“Conflicted Market View”

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aug. 26, 2002


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jun. 20, 2001

“Sample of Risk/Reward (3 to 1)”

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Jan. 13, 2001

“Secular Trends of
the Next 16-18 Years”

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Jul. 7, 1999

“Asset Inflation and an Independent Federal Reserve”

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Dec. 16, 1996

“Alan Greenspan
Did Not Speak Lightly”

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Check the background of Our Firm and Investment Professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

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